Homemade Nutella

So, my fiance Drew loves Nutella.  I mean he loves it.  When we would study together in college, his favorite late-night snack was Nutella and peanut butter on white bread.  That boy…

Anyhow, who doesn’t love Nutella? It’s creamy and yummy and chocolately…melt-in-your-mouth goodness.  Times ten.  It comes in mini packs, it comes in giant packs.  It even comes in little packs with graham crackers.

Somewhere in me, there is a faint sense of competition with Nutella.  I mean, Drew loves it so much, and it is delicious.  But, last week I woke up one morning and said, “What would Drew think if I could make my own Nutella?  From scratch?”  I thought of various responses…Tiffany’s jewelry, Graeter’s ice cream, adoration as a domestic goddess…These potentials were pure motivation.

But at the bottom of it all, if I can make Nutella for Drew, it will almost definitely make him happy. Game on.

So, after thorough researching, it seems pretty easy.  Good hazelnuts are the key, toasted to perfection.



Hazelnuts, after being toasted and processed, release a lovely oil.  Toast them at 390 F for about ten minutes, but watch them carefully.  They burn easily. They will turn a deep brown color and begin to smell toasted.  Take them out when this happens.  Rub them down with a towel and the skins will flake off.  It’s ok if they have a little skin on them.


Pour them in a food processor and grind away.  As you grind them, it makes a peanut butter-looking substance.  But here’s the trick-keep grinding.  Grind for a long time. You don’t want any grit.

Then you add cocoa powder, powdered sugar, chopped up dark chocolate (or milk chocolate if you prefer), vanilla, heavy whipping cream, and canola oil (or coconut oil).  Keep processing all of it.

At first it make look grainy like this:


If this happens, add a little more oil.  Keep going.  It will eventually look like this:


At this point, I had to stop and try a little….

It’s amazing…the hazelnut flavor is so much stronger and delicious.  I don’t think I can go back to store-bought Nutella.  It’s creamy and light and chocolately, just like it should be. And so easy to make!

Drew comes up this weekend, and my little Nutella jar is all ready to go! Stay tuned! I’m going to make shortbread cookies to go with it!




1 1/2 cups of hazelnuts

1 cup of powdered sugar (I like my Nutella a little sweeter, but if you want more hazelnut flavor, lessen the powdered sugar)

1/4 cup cocoa powder

1 teaspoon vanilla

3 tablespoons of Canola oil (more if needed- some used coconut oil instead)

7 ounces dark chocolate, chopped (I used Hershey’s but you can use whatever you like!)

Toast the hazelnuts for ten minutes at 390F.  Rub them down with a towel to remove the skin.  Process until smooth.  Add powdered sugar, cocoa powder, dark chocolate, oil, and vanilla.  Continue to process until smooth.  More oil may be necessary. Store in a jar and refrigerate.  It will harden as it refrigerates.





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