Wedding Crafts In the Works

Hooray!!! After four hours of hard work, we have 11 tissue paper flowers and 22 sheet music wheels!

(Note: We are only about half way on the sheet music and a third on the flowers, but who cares!!!)

I’m getting married in a barn on an organic farm- Jorgensen Farms.  It is so beautiful.   I cannot wait.  Drew will be there.  That is what matters most.

But, just to feed that crazy, lovable, DIY/craft-loving girl in me…here are a few things we did today…

Mom (right) and Cynthia- best friends and great crafters!


Hooray for tissue paper and sheet music!


The fundamental components of our DIY Barn Wedding:


Martha Stewart has a great tutorial on making tissue paper flowers.  It is SO much cheaper to buy tissue paper in bulk (I got mine here from a site called Nashville Wraps) and do them yourself rather than buy the Martha Stewart or David Tutera packets. Youtube a video tutorial…we had to watch one a few times…


The sheet music wheels came along nicely…I found giant stacks of sheet music in an antique store, and I used one sheet to make one wheel (halve the sheet to make)…


Pause for some iced tea and more yummy snacks (this time a quick antipasti platter…)


Mom and Cynthia did the flowers, I did the wheels.


Ta-da!!! 1/2 of 1/3 of the centerpieces is finished 🙂



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