Goodwill Treasure Hunting

I am a firm believer in shopping at Goodwill.  Just the name makes me shiver in excitement.  Remember those hot summer days in childhood when you would pretend to be a pirate and dig for buried treasure?  Somehow that excitement of treasure hunting has never left me.  When I was eight, I was convinced I was an archeologist.  I would spend hours in a small ditch near our house finding bits and pieces of broken glass and old china, especially after a rainfall.

A few days ago, I found myself down at Goodwill, looking for potential treasure.  Drew and I have slowly been making a list of furniture for our home, and yesterday was a banner day!  We realized we have almost everything we need.  I’ll post later about the awesome projects Drew has been working on (I never knew I was marrying the world’s best handyman!), but for now I want to show off my Goodwill find.

Picture this:  A wide-open room filled with a maze of furniture, clothes, and old VCR tapes.  You wind your way through it all, hoping to find something you can re-do and post on your blog (ah vanity…).  Your taste begins to disintegrate as you wander through the store, and you question your judgment.  Then you see it.  A pair of brass lamps.


I have to acknowledge that I was a little unsure at first.  I typically scorn these lamps as being 80s castoffs.  However, the price tag won me over.  Two perfectly good lamps. $50$20.  Nope, $10 dollars.  That’s right.  Five minutes later I was the proud owner of two lamps.  Home we go.  Some tender polishing and a little white spray paint and….



Here’s to Goodwill and spray paint!!  This short little blog post is really nothing more than an encouragement to go to Goodwill and see what you can find.  Over and over, my Mom and I look at each other as we pick something up and say, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure…”  May the same hold true for you, fellow DIYers! Now we just have to find some shades….



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