Hello, Michigan!

DSC_0241 copy

Well, after a two month break, I’m back at the blog.   It was my honest intention to keep blogging right up to the day of my wedding, but that never happened.  For all of you who are getting married, a word to the wise: don’t put unrealistic expectations on yourself.

My two big life changes that happened during my absence from LoveAndBasil are:

1.  I got married to Drew! Finally! (compliments of AlexaMarie Photography!)


2. We moved to Southern Michigan!

We now live in the beautiful little town of Hillsdale, Michigan, where both Drew and I went to college.   Our little apartment is downtown above a store.  It’s so much fun to walk outside and be in the heart of the city.  Three doors down is Drew’s favorite breakfast cafe, the beautiful post office is next door, and four doors down is a little grocery market.

I wanted to give you a few little snapshots of Hillsdale.

When you walk out of our apartment, you see this to the left

photo (1)

And this to the right,


The post office is the building off to the far right.

I love our apartment.  My favorite things about it are:

1.  The butcher block Drew made out of an old filing cabinet for our kitchen! We don’t have much counter space, so this little guy comes in handy.  It was super easy to do- an idea we found off Pintrest of course!

photo (3)

2.  The old wooden trunk is our coffee table.  It’s made out of barn siding, and we found it in an antique store in Delaware, Ohio.

photo (2)

3. Probably my absolute favorite part of the apartment is our comfy bed!  Drew made the headboard himself! We picked out a mattress from Ikea, and it is sooo comfortable!

photo (4)

Hopefully there will be more pictures to come!  Drew and I decided on our honeymoon that we re officially “foodies.”  We ate our way through two weeks of bliss (and probably gained 10 pounds!).  Since being married, cooking has been our favorite hobby together.  It’s been a little crazy since we got back, so I don’t have any recipes to post now, but stayed tuned!  They are on the way! I promise to eat and tell 😉 


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